Photo credit. Paloma Schell

Photo credit. Paloma Schell


My name is Marcela Limon and I'm behind the lens of Lemonshoots. I've been taking photos of bellies and babies since 2013, but Lemonshoots wasn't born until late 2015. It's been a wonderful journey and every mama and every baby I've met has left a little mark in my life and in my heart. And something makes me think I've left a little mark in their hearts too! ;) 

Why am I doing this?

When I was a little girl we lived far from our extended family and we moved from one city to another a couple times. I clung to the pictures I had of my friends, as if I could freeze time for a bit. That helped me to always remember the people that meant most to me. 

Later, when I got married, I fell in love with how my wedding pictures were little windows that let me revive all the happy moments and emotions of that day. I could feel the love every time.

These two things - freezing the moment and reviving it later - are what brought me to this incredible profession. But why Maternity and Newborn? This has a deeper why. One I discovered recently while doing some soul searching. And I'm so happy to have recognized it, since it truly explains my passion behind this niche in photography. I'll be happy to share my personal why with you during our session. 

What about my training?

I believe in continuous learning, so I'm always searching for new workshops and conferences to attend. Since I started taking pictures, I've been recognized as an Award-Winning photographer at several competitions, including some held by the most prestigious associations, like PPA (Professional Photographers of America).

Your baby's safety is paramount for me, that's why I'm infant CPR trained. You can relax knowing that I'm a licensed, insured and immunized photographer. I'm also a member of NAPCP (National Association of Professional Child Photographers) and a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through PPA and APNPI (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International).

For more tips on how to hire a safe newborn photographer, click here.

  • Belly Baby and Beyond Conference - (Pre-registered July 2019)

  • Newborn Mentoring Workshop with Julia Kelleher (registered for June 2019)

  • First Place at APNPI’s International Image Competition - May 2019

  • APNPI Newborn Posed Accreditation - Apr 2019

  • Volunteer Photographer for NILMDTS - Since Jan 2019

  • Imaging USA - Jan 2019

  • Bronze Medalist at PPA's International Image Competition - Aug 2018

  • Merit Recognition at NAPCP's International Image Competition - Feb 2018

  • Belly Baby and Beyond Conference - May 2018

  • Maternity and Newborn Online Course with The Milky Way - Feb 2018

  • Winner of the 6th version of the Outstanding Maternity Awards - Nov 2017

  • Advanced Newborn Workshop with Paloma Schell - Nov 2017

  • ANPNI Online Safety Course - Aug 2017

  • APNPI QNP Certification - July 2017

  • Maternity Retreat Online Course with The Milky Way - May 2017

  • Belly Baby and Beyond Conference - May 2017

  • Newborn Twins Online Course with Ana Brandt - Jan 2017

  • Newborn Immersion Workshop with Paloma Schell - Oct 2016

  • Family Retreat Online Course with The Milky Way - Sep 2016

  • Beyond the Basics Newborn Online Course with Ana Brandt - Aug 2016

  • Maternity and Newborn Workshop with Ana Brandt - Feb 2016